As we all know, Master Sebastian loves nothing more than teaching a couple of his boys how to properly enjoy their cocks. He’s left young Max and Johnny to play on their own for a while in this 4K pecker-pleasing session, chained up on the wooden pallets with their stiff dicks frotting between them, but they’re under strict instructions not to make each other semen without him. When he returns he’s eager to show them how to make it last, letting them play with their leaking erections, encouraging them to kiss, guiding the boys to suck each other and showing them how to do it slowly and gently, making it last as long as possible. With their bodies glistening with lube, their dicks aching for release and the pre-cum flowing constantly, he finally lets them semen, stroking each other and sucking those tasty tips, edging out their loads in an incredible shared climax that leaves their young balls drained.

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