Truth or dare isn't so much a game as it is a wonderful excuse to do deliciously dirty deeds AND get down to the "bottom" of things. It's boy's in for best buddies Julian Bell, Adam Hunt, Tristan Adler and Kurt Niles who are hanging out, drinking at the house when an orgasmically good game of truth or dare gets good and gooey! Tristan Adler kicks it off by asking Kurt Niles, who happens to be in a relationship, a salacious query about he and his boyfriend's sex life. Niles gets noticeably nervous because he knows exactly where this game is going! And, the dark haired hottie is 100% correct cause seconds later Adam Hunt dares Julian Bell to blow his big, beautiful boner! Julian doesn't back down and had that dick down his throat lickety-split! With his boyfriend on the brain, Niles heads upstairs and Adler joins Julian GIVING Hunt some head! The boys quiet night in turns into a twinkalicious threesome complete with spit roasts, bareback butt fucking and even a tasty twink train! Mr. married never made it all the way upstairs by the way. He found the perfect hiding place with a bone's eye view where he can see every ass banging moment……. while jacking that GIGANTIC jock oft his!

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