We all know Master Sebastian loves to steal spooge from boys like Ariel, and we are all totally jealous of the boys he gets to use! He’s a pro when it comes to working a boy’s knob and getting the cream from it after a good long session, and we love seeing him at work. This time he has gorgeous young Ariel roped up to the window in a seriously hot crucifixion pose, the boy’s tempting bone ready for sucking and wanking. With a little slurping and stroking of the boy’s long shaft the master has him gently moaning and breathing heavy, but once he’s added more rope to properly secure the twink he really gets started on that rod. Painful pegs pinching the boy’s nipples and scrotum aren’t enough to make that cock soft again, not once the master is determined to edge that shaft and make that dong spew cream! Watch the insane knob pleasure the boy endures in this 4K video as the master steals hot spunk from him!

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