In a setting reminiscent of a lion tamer’s cage smooth young Alexis finds himself naked and kneeling, his balls tied tightly and being tugged away from his body. It looks painful because it is. Xavier isn’t there to make this boy comfortable while he uses him, flogging his naked body and making him cry out, stroking and sucking his long bone, making him hard and wet with pre-cum. After changing positions to properly milk the cream from his rod Xavier feeds the boy his own big dick, fucking his mouth with his thick tool while every movement tugs on the boy’s nuts a little more. Despite all the pain Alexis can’t stop his joystick from throbbing as Xavier wanks and sucks him, milking his cock and finally making him spew hot jizz out all over the barrel he’s balanced on. With his primary task complete flogging master Xavier feeds his captive his dong some more before jerking out his juices all over Alexis’ face, ending their 4K flogging session the right way.

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