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It was lust at first sight when Stefan laid eyes on Max at Dirty Boy Video. He wasted no time either and headed over to get what he wanted. Those piercing blue eyes and hairless chest got Stefan stiff with excitement. Max liked  the blond boys approach, and it wasn’t long before they were locking lips and removing layers of clothing.

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Max dropped down to his knees first, sliding down Stefan’s tiny briefs. He was greeted with Stefan’s stiffening sword. Max smiled, knowing he was in for a mouthful, just the way he liked it. He kissed and licked the head of it. He let it hit him in the face and felt the weight of it. Then Max wrapped his lips around it and slowly took it inch-by-inch. He liked Stefan’s shaved balls and inhaled the sweet scent. Stefan had a perfect cock to blow.

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Max stood up so Stefan could rub their cocks together – jerking them off simultaneously. Max was elated by the sensuous frottage. It was only going to get better. Stefan couldn’t wait to get his mouth on Max’s meat. He looked deep into Max’s eyes as he licked the underside of the shaft all the way to the tip. His lips wrapping around it, kissing it, then sliding down to the base. Stefan knows how to suck good cock, and Max was going to reward him for it.

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Max got a nice load shot straight at his face, some landing in his hair. It was just what he wanted. Max’s cream dripped down his chin. It was enough, though, he wanted to taste it. He wanted to true essence of another man. The sweet nectar of the gods. He reached out his tongue and ran it over Max’s spent tool. Stefan cleaned the cum off and was ready for more. See more at Dirty Boy Video.


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