After a night of partying, Matthew Keading wakes up half-naked next to his best buddy, Blake Savage. The room is a mess and there are pills all around Blake. Matthew begins to panic when his friend doesn’t wake up. He immediately suspects that Blake has overdosed. All Matthew can think to do is begin mouth-to-mouth. Blake soon arouses and wonders what the fuck Matthew is doing. After getting the explanation, Blake jokes that if Matthew had blown his dick instead, he would’ve woken up sooner. Matthew likes that idea and suggests Blake go back to sleep so he can do that. He starts to massage Blake’s boner over his sweatpants in this scene from Next Door Twink.

Before he slides his lips over Blake’s hot cock, he concludes that Blake should be the one going down on him; he did save his life after all. Blake realizes he’s right, and starts sucking Matthew’s man-meat. Blake’s never had his friend’s cock in his mouth before – he’s never had any cock in his mouth for that matter. He really takes to it, even letting Matt fuck his face. They soon switch places, and Blake gets to feel how good a guy’s warm mouth over his tool can feel. Blake is impressed and ┬áhis moans ring through the room.

Matthew is about to give Blake another first. He offers him a ride to school – and that mode of transportation is Matthew’s shaft. He gets an amazing┬áride that makes his eyes roll back in his head. The two young twinks start to kiss in the throes of passion. Since Blake is experiencing all sorts of new things today, he decides to try fucking Matthew’s tight boy-hole before class that day too. Matthew sprays his load all over his chest as Blake bangs his butt. They don’t get to relish in the afterglow of their great time because these Next Door Twinks have to rush off to class.

Watch these young, boyish cuties discover the joys of boy-on-boy action on Next Door Twink.


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